Сначало понравилось,потом упало фпс с 40-60 до 25-27. Жуть если откровенно. Понимаю,что он бесплатный. В общем,не обессудьте парни, удалил всё, включая доп библиотеки и о чудо, снова нормальное фпс.

I can’t answer for sure, I haven’t checked. You can try

Is it compatibel with Carda Engine mod?

Looking forward to a 12.1.0 update!

Ensure you have at least 1.09 firmware installed in the FCU. The profile itself should be ok, it works completely on my end and for many others as well.

Привет! нужна помощь? Я URSS652

Hi, my soft is a toolbox for checklists and one of function is a conversion from Xchecklist. You can find some Xchecklist for Citation X. After the conversion you can modify the checklist as you want.

Best Regards


Я тут в ЛС отправил. Ссылка на Дискорд устарела)

Previously enjoyed the benefits of RXP, but now in XP12.1 b4 the lua is automatically quarantined. For info, thanks.

Добрый день! Работает. Лично проверял. Пришлите мне log.txt. я посмотрю в чем проблема. Желательно в дискорд. Ссылка в описании

im also waiting for an update, i did try to modify the lua script to update it to latest version but a dataref point is different.

Has anyone got this script to work with XP12.1.0 (beta)?

It will not unzip, file pathway too long for multiple files....

Is this updated to work with the new wings update that came out?

Splendid livery you created, loved it so much will be using it in a video, be great if you could make the old classic livery but for the SSG 747-800 Passenger varient.

No problem at all, I'm very glad you're using it 😊

This is one the very best addons for Xplane12 atm. Hoping to see an update for 12.1.0 soon!

Can you create a checklist for the Citation X?

there is a link for a video on the Livery description

my display doesnt work, any solution or tip for it ? 😊 thanks for your work

Oh yes, I am sorry, I will write it into the description.

How did you installed the LEAP mod?

because i have problems with it

Hello! I'm glad you're reusing my cabin for Toliss, but maybe next time text me, please 😊 Thanks. But no problem, I'm glad someone finds it useful.

Can you post pictures of the airport at day time?

I have the XP 11 version and when ever I select my engine a green text appears in the top left corner and then the LUA box where I select which engine and satcom goes blank

No longer works for X-Plane 12.1.0-beta-1

We're waiting for a fix because it's a great solution 😊

Скиньте мне log. txt после чистой загрузки сценария. Можно в discord. https://discord.gg/KJDhfMTuAr

please update for 12.1.0, thank you

ошибок в логе нет, но грузиться упорно дефолт. в scenery_packs.ini все нормально раставлено

upd поставил выше SCENERY_PACK *GLOBAL_AIRPORTS*, нормально заработало...странно что остальные кастомные без этого показывает


This plugin is essential for X-Plane flight simulation! Can't live without it. Hence why im writing this. I know you haven't had time to update the plugin as X-Plane 12.1.0 only came out yesterday but please update it as it isn't working with my X-Plane. Many thanks for your service to the X-Plane community. We are truly in your debt!

Tip for the users, if the BRAZIL word logo does not appear on the engines, rename the V2500 folder to IAE

sorry for the late reply, Dont know if this will work with the basic version.

Hi, it seems that its the ZIBO 737 MAX 8.

Hi, it seems that its the ZIBO 737 MAX 8.

Thank you - you are a genius - these are VERY clever and work perfectly. I have absolutely no idea how you did it, but you've made me a very happy bunny. Very highly recommended indeed.

Thanks for your answer, i was making some configuring mistakes ( always the same ) and it was frustrating for the impossibility to Fly... Tks again Great job.